The St. Clare’s Fitness Club (SCFC) is dedicated to providing affordable, accessible gym membership with a strong emphasis on health and wellness to the employees of Eastern Health who work or have assigned duties at St. Clare’s Mercy Hospital.

TheThe  SCFC is fully funded and owned by its members and is located in room SMB26.e members of the St. Clare’s Fitness Committerepresentativeof all employee groups at St. Clare’s. The following is a list of present committee 


Diane Cumby – Chairperson
Darrin Butler – NAPE HS
VACANT          – AAHP
Regina Walsh – NLNU
VACANT         – Management Representative                                                                                                                                                                            Nacole McGrath – LX
Judy Thomas – Retirees Representative
Tony Cumby  – Member at large
Barb Perran – Member at Large
VACANT        – Physician’s Representative
VACANT        – Management Support

The SCFC is governed by the St. Clare’s Fitness Committee. Diane Cumby, Chair of the Committee as well as the administrator of the SCFC, is responsible for the daily operation of the club.